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tales of a fourth grade nothing

turning and turning in the widening gyre

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Birthdate:Jul 18
Location:Dist. of Columbia, United States of America
I'm an artist, an observer, a bottle-blonde, and a good cook.
I enjoy collecting, listening, getting carried away, and going overboard.
Sometimes I write, and sometimes I sketch, and sometimes I like to sit still.

I like poetry, I can handle my liquor, and I'll beat you at dominoes.


"I wish I had been born a bird instead," he said.
"I wish we had all been born birds instead."
- Kurt Vonnegut, Hocus Pocus


Pablo Marcos Studio, 1977

Interests (119):

abandoned places, abstraction, agatha christie, amateur mah jong, angwedh, anne sexton, art criticism and history, assemblage, auden, avifauna, bbc adaptations, bel canto, blaming hojo, bluegrass, bond company stooges, caffeine, cake, candy jernigan, chazzing it up, cheapening friendships, cinema, comics, constant comment, crackpot theories, curries, cy twombly, cymraeg, doing it myself, early musics, eh eh eehhh, fake english accents, fakeass egypt, fat protagonists, feminist thought, ffllewddefflle, fictional children's charities, fictional uncles, fiji-of-the-mind, folk & fairy tales, foregone conclusions, found objects, gathering, historical fiction, honey-scented things, implied worf, ink, installation art, little birds, little christmas, lording it, magical realism, match game 74, minimalism, mint mochas, mixed-media construction, montaigne, motets, mother russia, music for headphones, my own selfish pleasure, ned & johnny, nietzsche, nonsense, nyan nyan nyanko, oatmeal pies, obligatory luca, obscurity, one hundred demons, opera, oracles, original fiction, ornament, outmoded ideas, paperbacks, paradigm shifts, picture books, pin-ups, pina coladas, piracy, poking fun, queer history, reading, repeating myself, ritual, road trips, sculpture, second hand books, self promotion, stakeout handjobs, stationary, sweets, tanuki suits, taoist practice, the american south, the cardassian neck trick, the new gods, the northern renaissance, the untempered schism, the wisdom of tribe saarak, timelines, tragic man pain, true crime, tums smooth dissolve, uncle walt, unresolved tensions, unspoken things, verse, video gaming, vintage aesthetics, virginia woolf, vocal jazz, walking tours, white flowers, whole foods, wine, works on paper, writing, yakety sax, yantras
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